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Blog with Victor and friends of UCM Rights
Unique Christian Ministries - Portland Oregon

In the beginning, God created...

Hello, my name is Victor Pierce, founder of Unique Christian Ministries. This is the beginning of something I feel God has destined for this time and this venue. This site is not intended for any specific race, gender, national origin, or age group. It is to be used by all to share the message of reconciliation through Christ.

I thank you for coming to experience a part of this unique ministry which God has started that will bring a change to our Christian experience. Perhaps this is the very the change you have been looking for. God Bless... V. Pierce

Victor is a strong believer of healthy living. Please visit the following sites to learn more about suppliments endorsed by Victor that can postitively influence your day to day living.

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Victor Pierce speaks out against NAFTA.
Read the speech. Find out more about the Citizens Trade Campaign